Connect Groups

Connect to God, Connect to Each other, and Connect to our communities

ConnectGroups are Castine Church's way of helping our church community move forward in their relationship with God. ConnectGroups happen in homes at various times during the week and various places in our communities.  

Groups start 3 times a year, allowing for the shift in schedules that we have naturally throughout the year: at the beginning of the school year; at the beginning of the calendar year; and late in the spring.

The hallmark of these groups are it's focus on connecting people at Castine in several ways:

Connecting to God

We want the people of Castine Church to not just be hearers of God's Words, but also people who do what God asks of us. We take a look at the sermon and look at how God is challenging us to take a next step to follow Him, and help each other take that step.

Connecting to Each-Other

We want the people of Castine Church to be in relationship with each other. We believe that the Christian life was never meant to be lived alone and that support of other believers is essential to following Christ.

Connect to Our Communities

We believe that service is important in the life of every Christian. One of the biggest hurdles to serving is knowing that you won't be serving alone. With that in mind, these groups strive to serve the communities that they meet in.

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